Importance of Values Education

Importance of Values Education
- Dr. Ajit Sabnis
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             Every child is a soul in evolution. Integral education encourages the child to find its true self depending on its own nature through art, literature, sports, music, dance and other creativity principles. Early childhood is a critical stage in terms of a child's physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual development. Mental and physical development progress at a rapid rate and most of learning takes place from birth to age of six years. Studies have shown that the human brain develops fastest within the first eight years and hence can be termed as formative years of learning. This period of childhood is also called, the Golden age. 
It is strongly believed that child’s moral concept and behavior also develop during this golden age. Therefore it is important to impart and identify with child's education from an early age, including values education. The objective of early childhood education is to establish a foundation for the development of a child’s character, behavior, knowledge, skills and creativity to spur further blossoming of child's personality.
         The need of the hour is an education that nourishes the total being that shapes our thoughts and emotions, our attitudes and values into universal human qualities like courage, accountability, sincerity, integrity, caring, cooperation and many other life values; an education that develops and inculcates in all students the basic powers of the mind-concentration, memory, observation, critical thinking and creativity; an education that seeks to train the body in agility, strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and poise; and above all, an education that helps the individual to delve deep through and harness the deeper meaning of life. 

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