Paradigm Shift

- Dr Ajit Sabnis

I am an optimistic and believe the World we live in is ever dynamic and is in for a Big Change !!
I see distances shrinking and geographical boundaries vanishing. Next future arriving !
Need of the hour is to usher in a paradigm shift in our existing mindset through a holistic and transformative education Process - that seamlessly integrates inner self of a child with the outer self.

How do we do it?

Who actually are the primary stakeholders in the entire education process?
What is the true role of a teacher?
What is the role of a parent?
How do we bring out the inner leader that is within in a child?

This blog is a small rivulet that meanders through connecting teachers, parents, children, moral education, value education, activity based learning, science and technology - Making the sojourn a joyful learning.

See you soon !  Have a great Day !

Ajit Sabnis


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