Globalization Culture and Education

Globalization Culture and Education
- Dr. Ajit Sabnis

                The present culture of globalization and the technological advancements which are materialistic in nature, expect the Future Race to constantly upgrade their knowledge, skills and achieve perfection in the fields of their specialization. 
                An unavoidable peep into the future bring us stand before that race which has to shoulder tremendous responsibility in sustaining itself and the nation in which all the human needs are met most effectively. The Future Race must be prepared necessarily to acquire those extra dimensions to suit the multi-dimensional needs together with the status of an improved consciousness.

                But then, is our current system of education advanced enough to produce that Future Race with those extra dimensions far superior to the present one? Or does it call for a paradigm shift in the very approach of education itself? And if such a shift is necessary how do we implement the new system of education compatible to the present one? These are some questions we have to contemplate upon.

                To prepare the Future Race with extra dimensions, it is not enough to train only the intellectual faculty as being done now but, an overall blossoming encompassing the Physical, the Emotional, the Mental and the Spiritual aspects are very much necessary. Such a new approach for the development of an integrated personality is dealt herewith based on the principles of Integral Education.

Ø  Every child is a Soul in evolution.
Ø  Progress in a child has its own pace.
Ø  Fear is a disastrous way to education.
Ø  True knowledge is deep within us.
Ø  No mass education but class education.
Ø  Individual attention, a must.
Ø  All aspects of development are interrelated.
Ø  Growth takes place in stages and in sequence.
Ø  Play is an important avenue for learning. And the most important is,
Ø  Education is governed by the inner urge and not by the outward force.

Let us remember:

If the egg breaks from within, it gives rise to a new life.
If it breaks due to a force from outside, it takes away the life.

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